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New LED lights get the green light for efficient

The ban on incandescent light bulbs is fast approaching, and many American consumers are increasingly switching to CFL and LED light bulbs in preparation. Still, the switch isn't always as easy as some think.

Many LED bulbs require converters to fit into traditional bulb sockets. While the converters are a bit of a hassle to install, they also lose an average of 15 to 20 percent of the energy-saving light bulbs' efficiency, according to

Good news for homeowners looking to go green: Next Generation Lighting has recently released an AC-driven LED bulb that makes a converter unnecessary. The Acriche LED bulbs can connect directly to 110- or 220-volt outlet without a converter and while retaining the look of a traditional light bulb.

The bulbs have already been put to use in a number of airports, businesses, and museums. The source reports that they are ideal for lighting pictures and art work; they could soon be available to homeowners as accent lighting with unparalleled efficiency.

Officials at NGL say that the LED bulbs are primarily meant to be decorative; they come in a variety of warm and cool colors.

This could be good news for homeowners. In other good LED news, consumers can look forward to declining LED prices. Officials at Sylvania hope to reduce the price of LED bulbs to just $10 in time for the incandescent ban.

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